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Giant Pick Up Sticks

Giant Pick Up Sticks
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Product Code: 509

Product Barcode: 5035874509101

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Price: (7 or fewer items) 20.20 (Excluding VAT at 20%) Price: (8 to 119 items) 12.90 (Excluding VAT at 20%) Price: (120 or more items) 11.90 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

You need steady hands and nerves of steel to play this. Remove each stick in turn without moving any of the others. Points are scored for each stick removed, with the different coloured sticks worth different points. Game contains 30 wooden sticks 0.9m (3ft) in length, packed in a colourful box for storage.

Suitable for 2+ players, age 3+

How to Play:
  • Simply hold the sticks vertically and let them drop to the ground
  • Players then pick up sticks one by one.
  • Don't let the other sticks move as the only one that can is the one you are trying to pick up.
  • Continue the game until all sticks are picked up.
  • Add up the scores and decide whos the winner!

Key Benefits:
  • Helps improve hand eye co-ordination
  • Players of all ages can join in the fun!
  • Easy to transport and can be taken to any chosen playing location

Product Contents:
  • 30 coloured wooden sticks

Safety Warnings:
  • Not suitable for children under 3 years

Package Dimensions:
  • Height: 90.5cm
  • Length: 7.4cm
  • Width: 7.6cm

Shipping Information:

Shipping Service: UK Mail

Package Weight: 3kg

Format: Full colour retail box

Case InformationPallet Information
Quantity - 8 Quantity - 120
Weight - 24kg Weight - 360kg
Width - 92cm Width - 120cm
Depth - 15cm Depth - 100cm
Height - 15cm Height - 160cm
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