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The French favourite is now a popular garden game here in the UK. Place the jack, and then compete to get your Boules as close as possible.
Our set of 8 polished steel Big Game Hunters Boules is packed in a stylish metal carrying case with wooden jack and measure. Each boule has a Rust Protective coating applied for strenght and durability

Suitable for 2+ players, age 6+

How to Play:
  • Pick a playing location
  • One player throws the jack down the pitch
  • The aim is then to throw the balls down the pitch trying to get as close to the jack as possible
  • The winner is the player whos boule lands closest to the jack

Key Benefits:
  • Great game which players of all ages and abilities can join in with
  • Packed in a solid storage case which allows this game to be taken to any desired location
  • Fantastic entertainment
  • Ideal for the garden or parties

Product Contents:
  • 8 Polished Alloy Boules
  • Wooden Jack
  • Measure
  • Metal Carry Case with foam insert
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