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Challenger 4 Player Croquet Set in a Tool Kit Bag

Challenger 4 Player Croquet Set in a Tool Kit Bag

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The Challenger 4 Player set is a top quality full sized croquet set in a toolkit bag.\nThis set comes with superior quality square headed mallets and professional hoops for club style competitive play.\n\n\nMallet Length 97cm\nBall Dimensions: 9cm diameter\nBag Dimensions: 106cm x 29.3cm x 18cm\n\n!!<


  • 4 Square headed mallets made of quality Rosewood with brass collars and Octagonal Ash handles \n
  • Includes 4 16oz composite balls (regulation size and weight)\n
  • Includes Professional 16mm diameter steel hoops with carrot spikes \n
  • Includes wooden winning post with topper \n
  • Includes rubber headed hoop smasher \n
  • Includes corner flags, metal clips and hoop drill (to create holes for hoops) \n
  • Comes pre packed in a neat toolkit carry bag
  • \n


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