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Club Rounders Set

Club Rounders Set

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Rounder's has been around for many years and is a family favourite and provides entertainment for all. This fantastic set contains 4 rounders bats, 4 rubber base posts, 2 leather rounders balls, 2 rubber mats all packed within a strong zip close bag. The game is simple to set up and play that you can take this great set almost anywhere.

This set contains four Ash bats with rubber grip handles allowing each batter to continue running with the bat instead of having to drop the bat before running. The set comes complete with full height plastic posts with rubber bases, two stitched balls as well as rubber mats to mark the position of the batter and bowler. The complete set comes backed in a strong carry bag meaning this set can be transported to the chosen playing area but it can also be stored safely when not in play!

The game is played with a fielding team and a batting team and once each member of the batting team has batted the teams swap over. Teams can be as competitive as you like and the game can be enjoyed by players of all ages. 

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