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Hoppin' Mad

Hoppin' Mad

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The Big Game Hunters Hoppin' Mad game takes the classic Space Hopper and makes it into a fiercely competitive game. Players compete against friends on these 3 adult sized space hoppers for racing in the garden. Designed in 3 bright colours: red, green and yellow, each hopper is also named to inspire fierce rivalry between competitors: Speedy, Bouncy and Fiery. Contains 3 x 24 inch diameter adult sized Hoppers and whistle, all of which can be packed away in the handy cotton storage bag when not in use.

Suitable for 3 players, age 3+

How to Play:
  • Inflate the racing hoppers
  • Set up a racing course
  • Simply go Hoppin Mad

Key Benefits:
  • Great for adults and children
  • Ideal game for any event

Product Contents:
  • 3 x 24 inch adult sized hoppers
  • Whistle
  • Cotton Storage Bag
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