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Racing Water Slide

Racing Water Slide

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The Racing Water Slide is a simple way of creating a water slide in your garden in minutes. The slide comes with a hose attachment nozzle so once a hose is attached, water runs down the slide and sprays out of the bottom bumper creating a fun and exciting attraction for children.

The slide also comes with two inflatable boogie boards - allowing two children to slide down simultaneously - racing each other as they go. The slide measures 4.7m in length.

Suitable for 2+ players, age 5+

How to Play:
  • Before set-up check for debris and sharp objects that could cause injury or damage to the slide
  • Set the slide up on a flat lawn surface
  • Inflate the boogie boards
  • Attach a garden house to the attachment nozzle and turn on the tap.
  • The water will flow down the slide ensuring the slide is always wet enough to slide along

Key Benefits:
  • Easy to set up and the perfect way to keep cool on a hot day
  • Ideal for most gardens
  • Inflatable boogie boards which help provide a speedier slide

Product Contents:
  • 1 x 4.7m Racing Water Slide
  • 2 x Inflatable Boogie Boards

Product Dimensions:
  • Slide Length:
  • 4.7m
  • Storage Box:
  • 40cm x 33cm x 5cm
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