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Tin Can Alley

Tin Can Alley

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Tin Can Alley is a classic fairground attraction - taking aim and skill to knock the tins down with the throwing bags.

The Big Game Hunters branded game is simple yet addictive - consisting of ten bright red tins - each one numbered. They simply stack up into a pyramid ready to be knocked down. The difficulty can be increased by moving the throwing line further away.

The game includes three throwing bags in red, blue and orange and packs neatly away in a natural cotton storage bag for the next time it is needed.

EAN: 5035874533106

Suitable for 2+ players, age 3+

How to Play:
  • Simply set the cans up in the desired location of play
  • Decide on a suitable throwing distance depending on the age and ability of players
  • Throw the three bags at the cans trying to knock as many down as possible
  • Make a record of the total score of all three throws - 10 points for knocking all the cans over
  • The player or team of players with the highest score wins!

Key Benefits:
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Durable solid metal cans
  • Ideal for all events
  • Helps with motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination

Product Contents:
  • 10 x Tin Cans
  • 3 x Throwing Bags
  • 1 x Cotton Storage Bag
  • Full Instructions

Product Dimensions:
  • Tin Cans:
  • 10cm x 6.6cm(diameter)
  • Throwing Bag:
  • 11.5cm x 7.7cm x 2.5cm
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