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Townsend 4 Player Croquet Set

Townsend 4 Player Croquet Set

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Townsend In A Bag

Already a very popular set, the Townsend is now available in a more portable canvas carry bag. Perfect for people who enjoy croquet anywhere at anytime and at a cheaper price!

The full sized 4 player croquet set contains 4 hardwood mallets with solid ash shafts and leather bound handles, full sized 16oz plastic balls, steel hoops, hoop mallet, corner flags and yard markers, plastic clips, hardwood winning post and rules.


Technical Specification

  • Weight: 18kg
  • Mallet Length: 35cm
  • Bag Dimensions: 113 x 30 x 24cm
  • Ball Dimensions: 9.2cm diameter
  • Case Dimensions: 113 x 30 x 24cm
  • Case Weight: 18kg
  • Case Quantity: 2


  • Portable canvas carry bag
  • Contains 4 hardwood mallets
  • Solid ash shafts
  • Leather bound handles
  • Full sized 16oz plastic balls
  • Steel hoops
  • Hoop mallet
  • Corner flags and pegs
  • Yard Markers
  • Plastic clips
  • Hardwood winning post and rules

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